Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Self Compacting Concrete

This Civil Engineering Topics is discussing with the Self Compacting Concrete. Concrete is one of the most used construction material in the world and if correctly composed, it can be vary durable and thus save considerable society resources in the maintenance cost. Self compacting concrete is one of the subjects of concrete technology. The various investigations have been carried out and hence the concrete has been used in practical structures. Here we are providing a brief introduction to self compacting concrete which is also known as SCC is given. The definition and motivation for the development of Self compacting concrete have been discussed. The Self compacting concrete has some advantages over the normal concrete and also some disadvantages over the normal concrete. An approach has been made to study the various aspects of the Self compacting concrete, such as types of Self compacting concrete, materials used and testing methods, in detail. This Civil Engineering paper also touches the economical considerations, applications and future development of the Self compacting concrete. A concrete that places itself - 'SCC’ A well-proportioned Self compacting concrete can flow under it’s own weight through and around congested reinforcement filling forms completely and producing a void free mass with no vibration and without segregation problems. When large quantity of heavy reinforcement is to be placed in RC member it is difficult to ensure that the form works get completely filled with concrete that is fully compacted without
voids of honeycombs. This problem can now be solved with SCC. SCC is placed or poured in the same as ordinary concrete but without vibration. It is very fluid and can pass around obstructions and fill all the nooks and corners without the risk of either mortar or other ingredients of the concrete separating out. At the same time there are no entrapped air or rock pockets. This type of concrete mixtures does not require any compaction and it saves time labor energy. The surface finish produced by Self compacting concrete is
exceptionally good & patching will not necessary. This concept of Self compacting concrete was followed by a major European Research & Development projects. Self compacting concrete has been successfully used in France, Denmark and Netherlands and UK apart from Japan. It is gaining wide acceptability because no noise pollutions there and the construction process is safer and more productive. So ny these we can say that Self compacting concrete is a very good topic in the Civil Engineering.


bharat said...

can it effect the characteristics of concrate?

Thiruppathy Raja said...

congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.

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