Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Smart Materials

While talking about the Smart Materials, its a very interesting Engineering Seminar Topic in the field of Civil Engineering. A new generation of materials called smart materials is changing the way a structural system is going to be designed, built & monitored. Advances in the composite materials, instrumentation and the sensing technology in the combination with the new generation of the actuator systems based on the Piezoelectric ceramics and shape Memory Alloys have made this into possible.

The Shape memory alloys have found applications in a variety of the high performance products. It is ranging from the aircraft hydraulic coupling and electrical connectors to surgical suture anchors. Since the material can be generate high actuation forces in the response to temperature changes, shape memory alloys have the potential to serve as an alternative to the solenoids, which is special significance in the area of the smart
structures. It is because it offers significant advantages over the conventional actuations technologies in the
number of ways.


bharat said...

was these smart material economical?

jheanne said...

It's a bit interesting to me, I just wonder if those smart materials are cost less? Polished Concrete

N.S.karthik @ AUTT THIRUKKUVALAI said...

it is very useful in advance construction

N.S.karthik @ AUTT THIRUKKUVALAI said...

I agree it's may be cost less

N.S.karthik @ AUTT THIRUKKUVALAI said...

it's popular in developed cities

N.S.karthik @ AUTT THIRUKKUVALAI said...

it is best in advance constrction

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