Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Advanced Construction Materials

A research on the advanced construction materials has given a push by many factors. In late eighty's, the aerospace industry has seen a steady decline; alternative use of new materials develop for aerospace industry is made possible to construction sector. Exotic materials such as advance polymers & high performance carbon fibre sheeting are researched upon to develop their potential use in the construction of the corrosion free buildings.
The advanced materials are looking on as next generation materials for high techbuildings. Materials that has been researched not only enhances the durability of buildings, but they also have ability to reduce the manpower usage, reduce or eliminating corrosion, and enhancing strength of the structural members. One of new materials which is being rapidly developed & applied is the use of continuous fibres in the construction. Continuous fibres are widely used in the retrofitting and strengthening type of works. Fibres could be impregnat in the resin at factory to produce stiff fibre reinforce polymer plate or they could be soaked in a resin just prior to application at site. Fibre Reinforce Polymer (FRP) utilises the high performance fibres such as the carbon aramid, kevlar and the other glass fibres encapsulated in the resin matrix. This technology has been developed to an alternative to the conventional steel reinforcement for using in the concrete structure primarily
for avoiding the corrosion problems associated with the steel.Now, Fibre Reinforce Polymer can be used to increase or enhance flexural & shear strength of the slabs, Columns, Joints and the Slabs.

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